About me

Luis Orduña Ridruejo

The most important thing about getting somewhere is the experience of getting there, not so much the arrival itself. In addition, to reach your destination you should not always do it by the marked route, the one that others take or the one they tell you to do. I think it is vital to define your own way, and it need not be the shortest, most comfortable or, of course, the fastest. The really important thing is that it’s your own way. 

Nowadays, I am the conductor of the Vitoria-Gasteiz Municipal Band, something that makes me proud and makes me grow every day.  However, to get here the road I have travelled has been winding and has allowed me to get to know many and very different areas. I have played in the street, I have done folk, I have done jazz, I have conducted choirs, children’s bands, very beginner’s bands, amateur bands of a certain level, as well as professional groups and important and recognized soloists.

So it has been a part of my live, because I had the great luck to get a stable job as a professional musician at the age of 22. By that time I had already studied tuba at the Pablo Sarasate Conservatory in Navarra and at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya-ESMUC, as well as a degree in Sociology at the Universidad Pública de Navarra-UPNA. But, after several years as a professional tuba player, my body and mind asked me for a change: to leave everything and to go to Musikene to study the Degree in Orchestra Conducting. This decision meant a turn in my life that would take me to a new destination. There I discovered new possibilities, new routes and, among them, musicological research. So I found myself in an unknown world, where I now develop part of my life doing my PhD at the Complutense University of Madrid.

All the above leads me to create the website you are on, where I expose my experiences in different areas such as direction, interpretation, research, artistic project management or teaching.

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