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“The power of music lies in its ability to address all aspects of the human being: animal, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. We often think that personal, social and political issues are independent, that they do not influence each other. Music teaches us that this is an objective impossibility; there are simply no independent elements. Logical thought and intuitive emotions must be permanently linked. Music, in short, teaches us that everything is related”

Daniel Barenboim. Sound is life. The power of music.

Destino Uganda

Music can help much beyond our borders, in really complicated environments where through it people’s lives can be improved. That is the goal of the Iganga Community Brass Project of the NGO Destination Uganda.

Since its birth, Destination Uganda’s philosophy has always been linked to education and music. Seeking to improve conditions at the Iganga Community Brass Band Music School. That school, although we use that word, was always more than a school. For many of the children it was a place of socialization to go to every day, even today it is, some spend the day there during school holidays: they study, play, spend time with their friends… For others that school is a home. From the beginning there were children living there, orphans and street children for whom life gave no alternatives. They were taken in by the project.

Today it’s more than just a music school. The children took on a particularly important role, getting the children off the streets and offering them an alternative became the main objective of the project. With this philosophy New Hope Community Organization was born.

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